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Ruby / Ruby on Rails

To Ruby From Python

Python is another very nice general purpose programming language. Going from Python to Ruby, you’ll find that there’s a little bit more syntax to learn than with Python.

rbenv cheatsheet

rbenv lets you manage installations of multiple Ruby versions.

Logging in Rails

FREE resources to help you get started in just under 6 hours...

I Love Ruby: Get started with the greatest programming language made for humans.

10 things to add to every Rails app

  1. Tailwind CSS;
  2. Authentication (Devise);
  3. Email systems:
  4. Admin systems - administrate;
  5. Tests;
  6. Rubocop;
  7. Sentry;
  8. Sidekiq;
  9. Metamagic;
  10. Rack attack.

A Brief Overview of Rails Generators

How to debug interactions between your code and the Rails framework (and other gems)

Rails Wizards

Rename an ActiveRecord model

Ruby/Rails courses

Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum

Learn Hotwire and Turbo with a free Rails 7 tutorial

Turbo Rails and Turbo Streams Tutorial Learn how to leverage the power of the turbo-rails library now included by default in Rails 7 to write reactive single-page applications without having to write a single line of custom JavaScript.

Can You Build a Web Application in Ruby Without Rails?

This is the third article in the series on building awesome web applications with Rails. It shows how to build a simple web app in Ruby from scratch, without using Rails.