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To Ruby From Python

Python is another very nice general purpose programming language. Going from Python to Ruby, you’ll find that there’s a little bit more syntax to learn than with Python.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

Django Admin Cookbook

Six things to do every time I start a Django project

Setting up the Python environment

How To Use a .env File With Python

Python Best Practices for a New Project in 2021

Date and time localization methods in Python

GitHub - trekhleb/learn-python: Playground and cheatsheet for learning Python. Collection of Python scripts that are split by topics and contain code examples with explanations.

Learn Python from scratch Free OpenSource interactive online course.

Do Python One-Liners Make Your Code Faster? - YES They Do!

Implementing RSA in Python from Scratch (Part 1)

Learn Python ASTs, by building your own linter

Python args and kwargs: Demystified

Python programs, usually short, of considerable difficulty, to perfect particular skills.

"An étude (a French word meaning study) is an instrumental musical composition, usually short, of considerable difficulty, and designed to provide practice material for perfecting a particular musical skill." — Wikipedia

This project contains pytudes—Python programs, usually short, for perfecting particular programming skills.


Python code examples

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

Python For Data Science - A Cheat Sheet For Beginners

Pandas Cheat Sheet for Data Science in Python

NumPy Cheat Sheet: Data Analysis in Python

Matplotlib Cheat Sheet: Plotting in Python