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Learn CSS Grid with Wes Bos in 25 pretty good videos

Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges — Smashing Magazine

Writing CSS has probably never been more fun and exciting than it is today. In this post we’ll take a look at common problems and use cases we all have to face in our work and how to solve them with modern CSS. If you’re interested, we’ve also just recently covered CSS auditing tools, CSS generators, front-end boilerplates and VS code extensions — you might find them useful, too.

The Complete Guide to the Dark Mode Toggle

This complete guide to the dark mode toggle includes best practices for implementing a color mode switcher on your website using custom variables, prefers-color-scheme, and more, all with a very pretty demo!

Extensive CSS guide

What do I need to read to be a great at CSS?

Designing shadows in CSS

CSS hide scrollbars

The Complete Guide to Centering in CSS | Modern CSS Solutions

Responsive header in Tailwind CSS

A Complete Guide to Flexbox by CSS-tricks

flex-box manual

How to select correct font size

Everything about the gaps

CSS conditional border radius

CSS Units Guide, everything you need to know

Native CSS nesting: What you need to know

CSS pseudoelements and pseudoclasses

Get Comfortable With CSS Selectors

Scrollable div layout with height 100%

CSS tips on Images you need to know

CSS Tools

Useful CSS tools and resources to boost your productivity

Utopia - fluid responsive design

Minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components


Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML